Caspian Security Issues

COD: Valigi 2014


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Titolo: Caspian Security Issues. Conflicts, cooperation and energy supplies
Autore: Marco Valigi (a cura di)
Collana: Social Sciences
Anno: 2014
ISBN: 978-88-98014-31-6
Prezzo: € 22,00

The Caucasus and the Caspian areas have been a core interest for the main actors of international politics from the Persian Empire to the 21st century Chinese power. However, the internal and systemic constraints that once drove various political powers to compete for the control of the area has changed throughout history.
This collective study will focus on issues such as the positional relevance of this region in the major powers’ policies, the peculiar legal status of the Caspian Basin (saline as a sea, closed like a lake), the energy policies of some of the Caucasian countries and the role of these strategic resources as a cause for possible conflicts or, conversely, as effective means for their non-violent resolution.
These topics will be examined within nine essays from various fields of analysis, such as political science, legal studies, history and economy to ensure each topic is addressed with the appropriate depth of inquiry.

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