China Dream: Still Coming True?

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China Dream: Still Coming True?

China Dream Copertina

Titolo: China Dream: Still Coming True?
Autore: Alessia Amighini (edited by)
Introduzione: Paolo Magri
Collana: ISPI (coedizione)
Anno: 2016
ISBN: (Cartaceo) 978-88-99647-17-9
(pdf) 978-88-99647-18-6
(ePub – in uscita) 978-88-99647-19-3
(kindle – in uscita) 978-88-99647-20-9
Prezzo: 9,90 €

At a time when the economic transition in China is casting shadows on the weak world recovery, and the country is further increasing military spending at double-digit rates, it is key to assess how far President Xi has gone in fulfilling the “China Dream” of ascendance to cultural, economic and military power.
Even more important is to try to figure out what the substance of the “China Dream” is likely to be in the near future. The current risk is that the Chinese people and the Chinese government are dreaming different dreams, and that Xi’s “China Dream” might be more a dream for the country and much less so for the people.

China has recently reached a series of symbolic milestones: the Yuan’s inclusion in the IMF’s SDR basket; the new China-led Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB); the market economy status by a number of countries. The 2016 Chinese G20 Presidency will provide a timely occasion for China to better define its role in global economic governance. However, progress on reforms is lagging behind expectations and international tensions are on the rise.

This volume explores the viability of the China Dream and analyzes its major challenges.

Alessia Amighini
Is Senior Associate Research Fellow at ISPI. She is Associate Professor of Economics at Università del Piemonte Orientale and Adjunct Professor of International Economics at Università Cattolica (Milan).

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