Keeping the pace with Europe

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Titolo: Keeping the pace with Europe. Explaining transposition of EU directives into Italian legislation
Autore: Enrico Borghetto
Collana: Social sciences
Anno: 2013
ISBN: 978-88-98014-13-2
Prezzo: € 19,00

Confronted with an increase in size and relevance of the acquis communautaire as well as an expansion of EU competences over an ever wider range of policy sectors, the effective implementation of the measures adopted in Brussels within EU member states has become of topical importance in the discussions on the future of the EU. Besides figuring among the top priorities in the EU agenda, the issue of ‘compliance’, namely the correct and timely fulfilment of their EU obligations by member states, constitutes nowadays an established field of investigation in European studies. This study focuses on the transposition of EU directives into national legislation, the first and at the same time one of fundamental stages in the EU implementation process.


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