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Titolo: Xi’s policy gambles: the bumpy road ahead
Autore: Edited by Alessia Amighini and Axel Berkofsky
Prefazione: Paolo Magri
Collana: /
Anno: 2015
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Two years after Xi Jinping was elected President of China, the country is undergoing a profound transformation that will shape its political and economic position over the coming years. Whether Xi will succeed or fail in pursuing his “China Dream” development plan will ultimately depend upon his ability to successfully manage the end of China’s two decades of astonishing economic growth, and to adapt the country to the so-called economic “new normal”. Xi’s term will be key to find out whether – and to what extent – China is going to further scale-up its position in the international arena or remain stuck in the middle of a decades-long transition. How profoundly has China changed since Xi Jinping came to power two years ago? How is the President tackling the country’s internal and external challenges? Will he be able to secure a more sustainable model of development to the country?
This report covers most of the major economic and political changes China is going through, both at the domestic and international level, also with a view to sketching out possible scenarios for the next years.


Alessia Amighini is Senior Associate Research Fellow at ISPI. She is Assistant Professor of Economics and International Economics at Università del Piemonte Orientale, and Adjoint Professor of International Economics at Università Cattolica (Milan).

Axel Berkofsky is Senior Associate Research Fellow at ISPI. He formerly held the Gianni Mazzocchi Chair at Università di Pavia and is currently Professor of Asian History.